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Dear friends!

The aviation always was and would be on the peak of scientific, technological and industrial achievements. Ukraine is sufficiently powerful aviation country with advanced aircraft industry, network of air communication with many countries all over the world. Nowadays only Kiev National Aviation University has powerful base on preparation of the aviation specialists in Ukraine. It includes:

Kremenchug Flight College

In this system, the Kremenchug Flight College takes up the special place. It was founded in 1960. For a long-term history more than 60 thousand aviaspecialists from the Community of Independent States and about 6 thousand citizens from 67 countries (Australia, Bulgaria, Burundi, Canada, China, Cuba, India, Iraq, Japan, Laos, Libya, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, USA) have graduated from the college. There are 14 types of aircrafts (12 types of Mil & Kamov helicopters, including heavy helicopters Мi-8, Ка-32, Мi-8МТV, Мi-6, Мi-26Т.) were mastered for this period in the College. The College has a fleet of helicopters, the modern educational and laboratory base, the simulator center and aerodrome. Hostels for students, a hotel, the canteens, a stadium, sports grounds, etc. are located at the College territory. The special programme aimed at equipping study rooms in complex with modern means of presenting information and checking students' knowledge has been carried out in the College. The College aerodrome is located in the zone of favorable climate and have a developed network of transport facilities for supplying with fuel and oils, spare parts, equipment, etc. The initial training of pilots is performed on the helicopters Mi-2, Mi-8 with 3-year term of training. The College conducts all kinds of professional skills improving and conversed training of flight and engineering personnel on the helicopters Мi-2, Мi-8, Mi-17(Mi-8MTV), Mi-26T, KA-32 as well as the complex conversed training of flight and engineering personnel on these types of the helicopters by special orders of aicompanies and firms. The programs of the theoretical and flight training may be changed according to Customer interests. The College grants the Customers the complex of aviation services, including the leasing of the helicopters and carrying out various transportation tasks by its own helicopters and crews. The College flight crews have finished the training for flights on top weather-minimums. They have permission to:

  • the international flights;
  • flights in mountains;
  • construction works;
  • forest patrolling and forest fire-extinguishing works, etc.

Alongside with training of aviation specialists, since 1996 the College conducts the training on the speciality "Book-keeping" with the term of training - 2 years. We are always glad to each new contact. And let our prospectus, offered to you, will be the reliable assistant in acquaintance with potential of our college.