Commercial activity

The commercial activity of the Kremenchug Flight College of National Aviation University is directed, first of all, at saving and expansion of mutually beneficial relations with the enterprises, aviation companies, not-yet-users both in Ukraine and abroad.
The purpose is to improve the effectiveness of provided \ aviation services and the services in the field of education, to abate the costs of budgetary funds and increase the financial position of the college. In 2008 college has bought two new Ukrainian superlight helicopters AK1-3 for the money from commercial activity and got down to fulfilment of the training flights on these aircrafts.
Carrying out the training of the aviation specialists for Ukraine from own budget means, the College implements on commercial basis the training of the foreign specialists, give the aviation services to enterprises, institutions, firms, companies and private persons on the helicopters AK1-3, Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-8MTV-1. The College has taken root into the European-Asian market of air services, where the helicopters and crews of the College execute different kinds of works:

  • transportation of the passengers, mail and cargoes;
  • fire-fighting;
  • construction & assembly works;
  • rescue works;
  • flights on floating drills
  • oil- and gas pipelines patrolling etc.


Besides that, the College leases the office accommodations, carries out a responsible storage of fuels and oils, gives transportation and medical services to the population, gives premises of club and dining-hall for solemn and ritual arrangements.